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After School Club

The After School Service provides a range of supervised play, and learning opportunities for children and young people aged 3-12 years old during their non-school leisure time. To achieve this, we offer children stimulating, creative and fun activities, where they can play with friends and make new ones, in a comfortable and safe environment.

Our service provides a happy, caring and safe environment where children can have fun. They can build and develop their confidence, self esteem and social skills. They can form positive relationships with other children and adults and can learn to respect, share different cultures, traditions and participate in both planned and spontaneous play activities.

We provide the following programs of activities for the juniors, and for Early Years Foundation Stage.
Arts and Crafts, Games and Sports, Drama and Music, Reading and Storytelling, Quiet and Imaginative Plays, encourage children to do their home work.

We also charge an additional £2.50 for pick up from St Margaret’s after normal pick up time   (normal pick up time 3.00 – 3.20 pm).

We offer pick up service from

 1)St. Margaret’s School

4) West Green Primary school

 2)Gossops Green Primary

5)Langley Green Primary School

3)The Mills    School

6) Hilltop Primary School

 Light supper ( all dietary requirements will be considered)