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Supporting Children with Special Education Needs

Our Setting has regard for the SEN Code of Practice on the identification and assessment of Special Educational Needs. We welcome and provide appropriate learning opportunities for all children to reach their full potential.

1.1 When necessary, prior to admission to the Setting, there will be consultation with staff, professionals, and parents/carers to ensure that all the child’s needs will be met.

1.2 Children with Special Needs, like all other children are admitted to the Setting following discussion with their parents/guardians.

1.3 Our aim is to provide for the developmental needs of each child in the group.

1.4 Staff will work together with parents and other relevant Parties/professional to organise the environment and plan activities to ensure that all children take part at a level appropriate to their needs.

1.5 We work closely with the parents of all the children in the group to ensure that –

  • the group draws upon the knowledge and expertise of the parents in planning provision for the child
  • the child’s progress and achievements are shared and discussed with parents on a regular basis
  • parents know the identity of the groups Special Needs Coordinator
  • parents are aware of the arrangements for the admission and integration of children with special educational needs.

1.6 We will ensure that the facilities/premises are accessible to all.

1.7 A SENCO will always be appointed to liaise with parents, staff and professionals. Our SENCO is:

Henrietta Harris/ Khloe Kirkham

1.8 Our system of observation and record keeping which operates in conjunction with parents enables us to monitor children’s needs and progress on an individual basis.

1.9 Our keyworker system ensures that each child is the responsibility of one adult who ensures that each child achieves their full potential during their time at Setting.

1.10 If it is felt that a child’s needs cannot be met in the Setting without the support of a 1:1 worker and/or extra equipment and resources, external funding will be sought to ensure that we can provide appropriately for the child’s needs. If funding is insufficient to cover the child’s needs, then the matter will be referred to the owner.

1.11 Whenever possible staff attend training courses relevant to Special Needs.

1.12 Following national guidelines we offer the following strategies for children with special needs:

  • Early Years Action On Identifying that a child has SEN, additional of different provisions will be made as appropriate. These are known as Individual Educational Plans (IEPs)
  • Early Years Action Plus Outside professional advice and support will be provided and additional or different strategies to those provided for the child through Early Years Action will be set in place. New IEPs will be set up after discussion with parents and professionals.

This policy was adopted by the Manager of Shalom Child Care  June  2015.


Name of signatory:         Henrietta Harris

Role of signatory:             Manager