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Equal Opportunity Statement

In our setting, we aim to treat each and every child as a valuable member of the

community. No child or member of staff will be discriminated against on the grounds

of race, gender, wealth, physical disability, learning disabilities or religious beliefs.

Every child will be guaranteed equal access to all areas of the Activities.


We shall endeavour to implement the following course of action:


  • All children will be treated equally, fairly and with respect at all times by everyone.
  • All children will be addressed by their proper names and not by any nicknames.
  • Children will never be reprimanded according to their gender, race, religion or disabilities.
  • Boys and girls should not be separated when being placed in groups, for lining up

or moving around the setting.

  • Both boys and girls should be called upon to help with tasks such as tidying the

hall, moving tables and chairs and putting away outdoor equipment.

It should never be suggested that any task is particularly suited to any sex. For example,

girls are more careful, so can tidy up better or boys are better at moving apparatus

because they are stronger.

  • Gender specificity should be avoided at all times when planning all areas of the


All children should have an equal opportunity to participate in all

activities, sports and other events.

  • Wherever possible, non-sexist resources and books should be used. Playworker

should remain alert concerning possible sex bias in some books and activities materials.

  • Children should be taught to be aware of possible sexist and racist stereotyping and bias.
  • Children should be taught to avoid stereotyping those with physical and learning disabilities.
  • Children who come from less financially secure homes, should be given equal access to all opportunities which are designed to enhance learning or personal and

social development regardless of family difficulties in paying for these.

  • Every effort should be made to ensure that girls and boys can fully participate in any sports which interest them.

The traditional sex bias attached to some sports should not apply. (E.g. boys only playing football  and only girls playing netball.)

  • We realise the importance of arranging In-service opportunities to continue to

inform and develop the awareness of staff in this very important area.


  • We shall continually monitor our practice in order to ensure equal access to the

activities for all children and equal opportunities for all.


This policy was adopted by the Manager of Shalom Child Care on July, 2014.


Name of signatory:         Henrietta Harris

Role of signatory:            Manager