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About Us

About Us

The staff team prides itself on our friendly and fun atmosphere created by our stimulating and interesting programs of activities working towards the five outcomes of “Every Child Matters” (from the Children’s Act outlined by the government), put together by our children and staff team. Our children develop their confidence, skills and capabilities in safe and secure surroundings, while trained and experienced staff respond to each child’s individual needs with good social interaction and communication skills.

Totz2teenz Club follows West Sussex’s policies on Behaviour, Child Protection, Equal Opportunity and Health & Safety. The views of our parents & carers are highly valued as a way of constantly improving our service. Our club has a children’s committee enabling the children to have a direct say in what goes on at the club and to voice any concerns. There is a curriculum continuity with the activities provided and we have the same expectations as the school.

Our Policies

As a registered child care provider our policies are regularly reviewed to ensure they reflect the best practice and are in line with OFSTED and local Council guidelines. All parents/carers who wish to enroll their child(ren) at Totz2teez will be asked to sign to say they have read and will abide by these policies.